Enjoy some music. 

I need it to destress a bit. 

Have a good night.

Taking a breather. If you want to talk, you can find me on Skype. Later.

You know, I don't ever remember a time when you were trying to keep peace. Everytime I see your name on anything, it's you attacking someone or something. Maybe you should put some shit into perspective too and realize the shit you say is so harmful and attacking that people are going to fight back. And they do you keel over and cry "I'm a victim trying to keep peace". Stop lying to your friends, stop lying to yourself.

Yeah no. I remember those times. Like recently, when I was dealing with the insane shit the fandom was giving the creators over supposed queerbaiting. 

Or before that, when I was defending a certain good friend of mine over the bullshit the fandom was giving her, which was around the time of the Emerald Debacle. 

Before that it was RWBYRevolution, my attempt to start an actual positive wave of people against the hatred in the fandom. That only stopped because… Oh yeah! Snowflake showed up, spun the whole thing to be about me, and slandered me until this whole thing started. 

I’ve been trying, dammit. More than what’s been done otherwise. 

Like I’m trying here when I say “I wish you a good day.” 

Moving on. 

Just because you didn't intend any harm - which, to be perfectly honest, would have been easier to do by leaving them alone as they asked instead of continuing to bother them - it doesn't mean that you shouldn't take it back - an apology isn't an apology unless you're sincere about it, and you're really not.

An apology is an apology when you regret the effects of your actions, and more importantly, want to take steps so it doesn’t happen again. Usually, this is something the one person can do on their own. 

In this case, not so much. 

Also. I know damn well how I feel about this. I want things to get better, no questions asked. I want everyone to feel comfortable in this fandom, to feel okay with each other, to not have to fear everyone else. 

I am sincere in my apology. 

They don’t have to worry about that, because no matter how much they do to me, they have made clear they never intend to apologize in turn. So it’s moot. 

Ah I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but you don't really deserve so much harassment over this. Hopefully things calm down for you soon.

Thanks, man. Take care of yourself in all this, okay? 

*Hell Badger to Monkey King hug*

*Rock music blares in the background as hug rocks world* You ok, dude? 

I hope all this ends soon. You don't deserve any of this BS.

You and me both hope it ends soon. We’ll get there though, right? 

Not taking something back is the exact opposite of apologising. If you could maybe actually accept that you are making people uncomfortable and leave them alone, you would probably be having a lot less problems with people in the FNDM.

Nnnnnnnnno. I apologize for the negative results of my actions, and as such would not do them again if given the choice. However, I know full well my intentions were not malicious or to make them uncomfortable. They were to make things better. As such, no way would I take them back. 

By the by. Who’s needing to leave who alone here? Considering I’m just sitting here replying to asks. I’m not even talking to them right now, and just want to move on. 

I want to move forward. And I’m doing that by not reblogging Snowflake’s posts on the blogs I know he has anymore. 

hugs you because they're being ridiculous

Hugs because you’re being awesome. 

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