If you keep being mean to Church, Church will just keep being mean to you, and then everyone will be mean to everyone all the time, and everything will be bad and no one will have fun. I mean, c’mon! Is this really what you want? You just- you just want to be angry and mean all the time? Because that is dumb! And you know what? You are dumb for thinking that! So Church left, and maybe some of us were sad, but you know what? That is okay!

How I imagine dust combination works

Found in four basic forms, Dust can be combined artificially and naturally
Artificial: "If I take one ounce of Fire dust, and add it to a compound of activated Ice dust... Aha! I've created Water Dust!"
Naturally: "...You got your Fire dust in my Ice dust." "You got your Ice dust in my Fire dust." "...WATER DUST."


Is it just me or is Delta always on his right, and Theta on his left, (from his point of view so facing away  from the camera they flip sides).

Kinda reminiscent of the Right vs Left brain stuff that pop culture likes a lot.





I personally don’t feel bad for either Jaune or Sun, getting turned down for the dance. The girls have every right to do so. Jaune should have taken no for an answer and left Weiss alone a long time ago, and Sun only seems to ever make a move on Blake when she’s vulnerable. I really get annoyed when people call the girls mean for not being interested.

Honestly? This is the most neutral argument I’ve ever seen so far.

Why neutral?

Both have pros and cons.

that is all I’m going to say.

I would have explained more but I’m afraid people will come and lash at me how wrong I am. Which I will say now my point will be wrong to most people here. So.. why bother?

What’s the point of even trying to make a point here in this fandom?

Well, in Blake’s case she just doesn’t think it’s important enough to bother. Weiss has made it quite clear that she’s not interested in Jaune that way. But either way, I agree with emberkyrlee. The girls did have the choice to say no and its their right to be able to do so.

There is a difference between “No.” and “This is pointless, and a waste of time, and I expected you of all people to understand that.” In Blake’s case, she turned what could have been a casual rejection into a crushing, and purposefully personal, criticism of Sun. We don’t know why he asked her to go in the first place exactly. Maybe he wanted to just get her some time to relax, given he knows now how stressed she is. Maybe he just wants to have fun with her again like he did over that weekend. Maybe he just wanted to try dating her. We don’t know, so we can’t say we know. (Given his wording, he makes it sound more like a for-fun event than romantic.)

Regardless of the reason, Blake went beyond “the choice to say no.” She went so far as to act as if he was a bad person for even suggesting it in the first place, an act of lashing out.

And yes, if you need further proof of this, you can look later in the episode on to when RWY was trying to convince Blake to just relax and enjoy the one night. They poured their hearts out to her and tried to do everything they could… And Blake shut them down by calling it a colossal waste of time. Invalidating the effort and feelings of every one of her teammates. Lashing out.

Weiss not being blunt enough to Jaune is as much a miscommunication as Jaune not explaining why he’s interested in Weiss in the first place. Weiss clearly states it’s not that she can’t be interested, it’s that she assumes Jaune is only interested in her family name -a problem she claims to have dealt with before,- and thus doesn’t even bother talking to Jaune. She just brushes him off and moves on. That’s the fault of both sides, and moreover not having enough time dedicated to why the heck Jaune is so interested in the first place. 

So. I disagree strongly on all accounts. I empathize with Sun because his attempts to reach out to a clearly disturbed Blake were met with scathing personal affronts. I pity Jaune because he can’t express the “why” in “Why he’s interested in Weiss.” That has nothing to do with the girls specifically rejecting them, but everything to do with how they handle the rejections. 

I call Blake “mean,” or rather wrathful, for not only letting her own personal feelings get in the way of her personal health, but also for lashing out at everyone that tries to support her health, instead of just her crusade. Jaune and Weiss both have some serious things to work out, Jaune in actually expressing why he cares to Weiss, (and us while he’s at it,) and Weiss expressing why she’s distrustful of his intentions. From there they can move on however they choose, together or not. 

Both girls have the right to reject the boys. Sure. But that doesn’t give Blake the right to attack Sun, or her teammates, and actual communication would be appreciated with Jaune and Weiss.

Sometimes you try to hold the world on your shoulders. 

Sometimes you feel the weight. 

Sometimes people tell you not to put so much stress on you. 

Sometimes they tell you you’re not worth stress. 

Sometimes you wish the past didn’t weigh on you as much as the future.

Sometimes you remember how much stress is on you anyway. 

Sometimes you fear failure to accomplish something. 

I fear that I haven’t accomplished anything here. 


Im done

when people try to speak on the behalf of entire fandomsimage






Sun and Neptune apparently represent their entire team. lovely

Just watch. Sage will smile for too long at Yang, or worse, she’ll growl at that bara. Scarlet will fluff Ruby’s cape and generally compliment her. Suddenly RUINED FOREVER.

Or they can just talk to them and act like normal people. Because god forbid an entire team acts differently around women.

If only people in this show were allowed to be interpreted as “normal” in any stretch by the fans. If only.

Ya know at first I was going to give a happy response and talk about this,til I saw your tags. Then i wanted to write an angry response,then I had a realization.

I don’t care. I finally realized that you are arguing JUST for the sake of arguing. So I have stopped caring.

If you haven’t realized by now that everyone,YES EVERYONE including me and you,take every little normal thing out of context. We all stretch it ,everyone does. 

So guess what??
I. Do. Not.Care.

So debate for the sake of expanding both parties’ perspectives is considered “just for the sake of arguing” now? Okay then. 

You yourself are proving your own theory now by stretching the meaning of my words. So. Goodnight. 

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